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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you just drop off the photo booth at the event?

A: No, a freeze framez staff members will stay with the booth throughout your event. We make sure everything is running smoothly and assist guests in using the booth. You do not need to worry about delivery, set up, operation, or take down.

Q: Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?

A: Yes! We have a prop box full of hats, boas, glasses, etc., to add to the fun.

Q: Does the photo booth print out photos immediately?

A: Yes. After your guests leave the photo booth, their pictures will be ready in less than 15 seconds. The prints are high resolution and look great!

Q: Is there a limit on the number of photos that can be taken during an event?

A:. No, the number of photos is unlimited. We will take as many photos as we can during the scheduled time.

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?

A: Not a problem. We can print two copies of each picture on the spot. However, to optimize your photo booth experience, all the photos from your event will be saved on a CD or DVD that you will receive at no extra cost when booking the 3 or 4hr package.

Q: How does the photo booth provide favors for guests?

A: We can help turn photos into a memorable gift for your guests to take home at the end of your event. Each picture has space available for customization. We can design a personalized event logo, or use our standard text to customize this space. This service is free of charge.

Q: What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

A: Length = 60 in.(5ft) Width = 60 in. (5ft) Height = 85 in. (~7 ft.)

Q: Can the photo booth be used at any venue? What if the event is on the third floor of a building?

A. The booth can be broken down for easy set up and transportation to any venue.

Q: Is the photo booth easy to use?

A: The photo booth is very easy to use. A welcome screen tells you exactly what to do. Your guests just push a button! A viewing screen will give a 3-second countdown before 4 consecutive pictures are taken. In just over a minute later, your guests will receive a printout of their picture. And don't forget, your booth attendant is always there to answer any of your questions.

Q: Is a special electrical outlet necessary?

A: No. A standard 120V electrical outlet located within 30 feet of the photo booth is all that is needed.

Q. Are the pictures in color or in black and white?

A. Both! Whoever is getting their picture taken decides to have their pictures in black and white or color. Or you can specify color or black and white for the entire event

Q: Can you accommodate outdoor events?

A: Yes, as long as an appropriate electrical outlet is available within 30 feet of the photo booth, and if weather permits. The safety of your guests is of the utmost importance.

Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes. We charge $.80/km outside of Saskatoon.

Q. How do I book the photo booth?

A. We request that a $300.00 non refundable deposit and a signed contract be sent to us in, Saskatoon, SK You can request a contract by e-mailing us at

Q. How many hours can we have the photo booth at our event?

A. Most any event can be successful with 2 to 6 hours of service. Our packages start at a minimum of 2 hours of service. We start at 2 hours to give you the most for your money. We want to make sure all of your guests have time to take all the pictures they want. Outside of our packages, each additional hour of service is $250

Q. How soon will you be set up before the scheduled photo booth rental time starts?

A. We will have it set up and ready to go 30 minutes before the scheduled photo booth rental time starts. If you want it set up earlier, a fee of $150 will be added on for each additional hour.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. We accept credit cards, debit and cheque.
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Freeze Framez photobooths have simple on-screen instructions and allow you to choose colour or black and white photos. Just enter your booth and push the button.
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Our state of the art photo printers have the highest resolution in the industry and will generate your prints within 13 seconds. We only use quality self laminating photo paper so your prints are guaranteed to last for generations.
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Our 22" widescreen monitor counts down while allowing you to see yourself as you strike a pose. Your 5'x5' booth with private curtains lets you be as silly or as sexy as you want to be.